Thursday, June 30, 2011

more than meets the eye

Puck wasn't sure why he remembered that phrase "more than meets..the eye.." Something to do with Transformers. Sal was talking about the movie. Of course, he couldn't even get Molly thinking about seeing the movie with him.

"I'll go," Puck heard Tess say in the kitchen. She was helping him with some of Dez's bottles. "I was crazy about Transformers growing up."

Puck could just see her pushing boys out of the way so she could see the cartoon. He almost laughed. It was good to think of happier times and not horrific storms to wait for. At least Sal's Mom was safe in the basement. She told Sal she was all alone with a carton of cigarettes. Puck was thankful the baby wasn't there for that little event.

"If you two really want to go, I could hang out with Dez." Puck finally butted in on their conversation.

"You don't have too." Sal was holding Dez who was alert and holding himself steady as he watched Tess with the baby bottles.

"I think you two should go." Puck took the baby from Sal.

"Well, the next show is in thirty minutes." Sal's face emerged kid-like as if he liked the idea, after all. Puck shelled out an extra twenty.

"I bet you'll need extra popcorn with that." Puck offered then.

Sal took the money and thanked him. Tess didn't have any qualms, either. She gave Puck a kiss on the cheek and petted Dez's back. His eyes followed them out the door. Dez didn't explode as if he were frightened. Instead he grabbed at the nap of Puck's T-shirt. Dez's sharp fingernails clawed into Puck's skin. Seriously, he couldn't imagine Dez so strong, but it was amazing, seeing the infant's strength in action.

"Where's Sal?" Molly flung down her crossword puzzle book then.

"I didn't even know you were here." Puck winced then wondering where Molly had been. Evidently the bedroom. "He and Tess with to a movie."

"What movie?" She didn't seem completely upset about it.

"Are you and Sal, all right?" Puck wanted to know then as he decided he'd get in his favorite chair in the livingroom with Dez. Maybe watch a little TV.

"I guess." Molly followed him into the livingroom. Her floppy ponytail was coming undone, and she was still in pajama pants and one of Sal's gray tanks.

"So you're just guessing at this now?" Puck questioned as he got situated with the baby who laid contently in his arms, waiting to proceed with the channel surfing. So Puck aimed and clicked.

Molly gave him a mean scowl. She grabbed her crossword puzzles and headed back to their room.

"Just run and hide, as if that ever solved a problem," Puck said. He hugged Dez ever so dearly who kept his eyes on the TV.

"What is that suppose to mean?" She hurried back, grabbed the remote and clicked the TV off.

Puck just smiled at her. He'd decided he'd teach Molly this trick that Sal had showed him with Dez. He got up. Told her to sit in the chair, and put Dez just so in the crux of her arm. "Now make sure he's on his back." Dez loved the seating arrangement. He was sucking on his fist, in his little yellow ducky suit.

There was just a certain happiness that came over Puck when he knew Dez wanted to be in that very spot. He hoped Molly could feel it to. It was a certain sort of bliss. The perfect cuddle, perhaps.


ivy's closet said...

I hope Molly feels the connection with the baby like Puck does.

meg said...

I like the title to this. & so much more too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see such a sweet connection between Puck and the baby! :)

She is Sara said...

Awww I hope she feels that way too!

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Lorena said...

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