Monday, June 13, 2011

thinking back

"You can only be prepared  for so much. I mean, when it just happens." Tess shrugged as she put the peanutbutter sandwiches in the the baggies back at Puck's kitchen. It was simple foods. Kinds that would endure a storm, perhaps.

Molly nodded. "My Mom says I went kind of crazy the last tornado scare we had."

"What did you do?" Tess winced out of concern.

"I don't think I did anything wrong.I mean, I was only 11. But she says I was hyperventilating." Molly told her. "It was..just...this tornado was so close to the house. It was only a block over. Nothing like all those tornadoes in Joplin. Just this one tornado, and we were huddled in a bathroom." She sounded as if she might have witnessed a whirlwind now.

"Hey, a tornado is a tornado." Tess told her. "When I was a kid, like six or so. I might have been younger. My mom didn't much care who I hung out with in the neighborhood. Just as long, as I was out of her hair. But anyway, I was with this kid, Gary, and you know just playing Army. I was his Army wife."

"How old was he?" Molly seemed concerned about this part.

"How should I know." Tess winced harder. She had the picnic basket full of sandwiches and little Debbie snacks. "What I'm trying to tell you. We were off down by the cornfields...and..and there it was. Out of now where. It was sort of like witnessing a space ship, except it was so- strong. I couldn't take my eyes off that funnel cloud. Of course, we ran home. Nobody, believed us when we told them." Tess stared the basket. She thought of Gary, wondered if he remembered that tornado. Of course, he moved away, and she hadn't heard from him since. But she thought of how they stood there watching the tornado tear up the cornfield. "God, we were crazy kids." She shook her head. She would have never let her own kid go off with anybody like that. Ever.


ivy's closet said...

Tess must have been quite a kid!

glee said...

Right, sometimes, you just have no control over things. :)

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha! Tess as a child sounds like a blast! :)

ellie said...

I have to wonder about Tess' life.

She is Sara said...

Tess was so daring! I am sure she will be a careful yet amazing mom.