Tuesday, September 20, 2011

when the sun doesn't shine

"I dunno about this brown rice." Dax shook his head. What was he thinking, inviting Michelle over to his run-down trailer. Yet, it was what he liked. In the country, but nothing around for a quick-stop or fast food, which they definitely needed at the moment. "Its not done. And..and I've cooked it, the forty minutes." Maybe even more.

"I really didn't take you for the vegetarian type." Michelle laughed softly as if not to laugh at him, but with him. He guessed. He tried to laugh. But it was true, the worst meal ever.

"I could..take you out." He should have, but she didn't want him to spend money on her.

"Oh, we can do this, Dax." She fished in under the top layer of rice. "It won't be so bad." She served some beans from the crockpot into the chipped bowl. He really had nothing to make this place a home. It was bare. Perhaps quite ugly.

"Be careful." He wanted to mention the peppers he'd used. They were from his garden. They were the only thing to survive.

"haaa....OH MY GOD, those beans are so hot." She reached for a bottled water. "What did you put in those?"

He guessed it was a little late to mention it. Hopefully, the corn bread would help. He slathered on some butter on a piece and gave it to her.

"So, have you met anyone?" He was eager to know if she was making friends. If she liked the job. He hoped she met some one nice. Who dressed nice. Who took her nice places. Who gave her nice things. Yet nice seemed rather bland, but that's what she needed..wasn't it?

"Met someone? No." She grinned.  "I'm doing good to find my own cubical. Its best not to get involved with people at work. I stay to myself."

"Why? I-I thought you'd like to make new friends." Dax didn't get it as he mashed his cornbread in the beans. He didn't want to touch the brown rice.

"Do you have a lot of friends at work?" She smiled. Dax shook his head, no. "See? You know what I mean."

"I guess." Dax sighed. "But..but what about that girl, the one you are helping?"

"I'm not sure that foster mother really likes me around." Michelle attempted the beans and rice once again.

"But, but the girl, she might really need you. You might be the only bright spot of the day she has." Dax felt foolish for saying it. But it might be true. That's the way it worked. Especially, in his life.


ivy's closet said...

I think Michelle might bring the best in him.

lucy and sarah said...

Nothing like spicy food to get the conversation started.

meg said...

I have trouble with brown rice too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The two of them have such a wonderful spark between them! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful header.

Natalie said...

thank you I actually got the idea one day while I was writing with my sharpie (I love doing that it makes me feel empowered)

Natalie said...

hehe that song also inspired me, its called please don't leave quite yet by Adam Agin amazing song

She is Sara said...

Aww, I think he wants her, but is too scared.