Sunday, November 6, 2011

down to this

This bothered Michelle, but she couldn't let Dax know. Or was she? They'd had a nice birthday dinner at some place she'd always wanted to go to. It was elegant and so many forks she didn't know which one to use. Maybe they would have been better off going to his favorite pizza place, but he cleaned up nice and she wore the only dress she had. A black dress, in case she needed to go to another funeral.

"So did you go?" She wanted to know. Maybe he wasn't telling her everything. What if he'd found someone on his first time at a strange church? Could she compare to that kind of nice?

"No, not yet." He wasn't that eager to show up in front of strangers.

"We went to this center for a few months, when Dad was out of work, so we could get free meals. They spoke in tongues." She didn't mean to scare him about church. "Its just, some places have awful long services. Are you sure you are ready for something like that?" She looked him in the eye. His dark eyes didn't flinch. Still he was being awful quiet. He sipped water as if he could hardly breath in a suit and tie as it was.

"Why is this bothering you, so much?" He studied the Greek spinach salad, forking through it as if there was nothing to eat.

"Because..." She forked a tomato in her salad, hoping he'd do the same, but he didn't. "Because I don't want to see anything bad-"

"Bad? How could it be bad? Its church." He squinted. Finally eating a black olive.

"OK, you'd be alone." She took a bite of spinach then as if she was not afraid of that salad as much as he was. Michelle put down her fork and it clinked against the plate. "I want to go with you."

"But?" He squinted harder.

"But what?" She fretted, wishing they'd gone out for pizza.

"But then ..then they'll think we're a couple." He drew a breath as if it would be lie. "I'm going know..." He shrugged, not wanting to say it.

"What? To find you a wife?" She was bitter now.

"Don't say it, like that?" He winced harder, turning away.

"Maybe, I don't want you, to." She barely said above her breath. She knew he heard every word she said, but he acted like he didn't.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's hard for her - putting everything out on the table like that. :/

ivy's closet said...

I hope he knows what she's asking.

lucy and sarah said...

This is getting interesting.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I think they need to talk really honestly about this!

Gianella Peralta said...

Aww. She likes him!

Sara said...

I think it is time for her to come out and say it.