Sunday, November 27, 2011

late breaking

Sal knew he'd get caught sooner or later, but it was the holidays. He just couldn't help but want to play a little on the brand new video game that he didn't tell Molly, he bought for himself. His thumbs worked the controls. There was heavy duty fighting going on in the dark subway he'd gotten to in the game. He was even kind of scared.

At least the baby was napping. He just needed a little get-away, in that world and this world too. But he heard the front door shut. It was Molly.

He saved what he could on the game as quick as he could and switched on Judge Judy.

"Hey, babe." He was all grins as he got up to meet her and kissed her like he missed her so. And he did. Just the excitement of the game and Molly too. He could exchange one for the other. He imagined. If only Molly were in the video game, and he was having to save her from something....

"How was today?" She had to work the day after Thanksgiving. Those rotten people at City. Everyone off, except those library people. But hey, she got overtime. Wasn't all bad.

He put his arm around her, got her situated on the couch with him. She could sit in his lap if she wanted. But she was no light weight. She might look to be a size two, but she felt like lead. Maybe that's why he liked being on top so much.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She wasn't that happy to see him.

"About what?" He started to play with her hair but ended up wanting to pull his own curls out.

"Michelle." She made Michelle sound like a lethal assassin.

"Don't make her sound so wicked, babe." Sal scowled. "It was a movie. Tess and I weren't even in the same theater."

"You should have told me." She was cold as she hugged herself.

"For what? Jesus, I didn't speak to her. She was with that asshole, Tess screwed around with from before.... Just leave it alone." He removed his arm from behind her. "You're being a bitch."

"hahahaa.." That laugh was fake. She found nothing funny about what he'd said. Evidently.

"Sorry." He scowled more. He gritted then. "You want to go shopping?" He'd do anything to get her out of this lousy mood. When could he get it through her head? He and Michelle were done.


ivy's closet said...

Sal is always so Sal. Maybe a tad selfish too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes it's hard to get people to understand the most important things - like relationships. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Sal, when will he get it right? Or can it ever be right?

Sara said...

They are both so testy!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

it sounds like they're both in bad moods. Not a great time to have a serious conversation!