Sunday, January 22, 2012

refraining from the force

"Are you listening to yourself! Seriously?" Puck was getting aggravated with Sal by the minute. They were home alone. Sort of. There was Dez kicking like a wild boy in his infant seat on the kitchen table. Watching the two of them try to whip supper into shape. Sal was chopping and Dez the baby was grinning from ear to ear, watching Sal then Puck, who was peeling potatoes.

For a second, Puck looked over at Dez and wondered if Dez knew his real father. Puck did spend a lot of time with the infant, who was growing like a weed and couldn't wait to get out of his infant seat. He would love to squirm on the floor like an inch worm, but it was best not to have him under their feet. And it was cold. Too cold for an infant to be on a floor. But it would be just awful to have kept him in the crib, because Dez wanted to be anywhere they were.

"Don't even think about it." Puck looked at Sal, pointing the potato peeler at him. "Repeat after me..."

"What?" Sal made a face of disgust and went back to his onion.

"Swear to me, that you will put it out of your mind about starting up a family with Molly, right now. You have to wait." Puck thought perhaps Sal had a bad case of winter cabin fever. He needed to snap out of it. "You have more than enough."

"You're right. I do." Sal acted as if he might be sick of himself too. "But, look at me, I didn't even gain any baby fat." He was a wiry weasel. Perhaps a pesky ferret who couldn't stop moving in the kitchen.

"Oh, God..." Puck let slip as he rolled his eyes at that. "You are hopeless. Think about Molly, will you?"

"I am. I really ..really I am." Sal winced as if he didn't see the problem.

"Look, have to get this one old enough..where he can appreciate being a brother. Have you thought of that?" Puck wanted Sal to think awful hard on this New Years resolution of his. He looked back at Dez, thinking he would try to save this child from being another Sal. Just how in the world, did Sal get this way? Sal was a hyper imp, with only one thing on his mind. And it didn't bare repeating.

Puck heard the things Sal said to Molly late at night.

"You are not a kid, anymore, Sal." Puck sighed. "Those things you think you say are sexy, are not remotely ..even..not even cute. So stop it." Puck gave him a seriously look as he waited for Sal to start pan frying the celery and onions. He went to open the vegetable soup stock and chickpeas for the vegetarian soup. "You have to respect, Molly. Believe me, I don't think there is any other woman out there who would have stuck with you, as long as she has."

Sal was quiet then. It was as if Puck stabbed him in his soul. Sal let Puck take over. Sal went to get the baby. He held him so he could watch Puck. It was pretty clear. Dez  knew who his Dad was. He pulled at the hairs on his arms with pleasure and drooled in happiness.


meg said...

Puck is definitely a best friend.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sal needed to hear it. :)

Sara said...

I am glad Puck is around to knock some sense into Sal!

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, Sal is on track now.

ivy's closet said...

Puck knows best!

Gianella Peralta said...

Grow up, Sal..