Sunday, January 8, 2012

ruts that keep haunting

"Look, I have no idea what's on your mind, and I work with you, everyday." Molly sighed when Tess mentioned how Puck wanted her to decide on a wedding date. Molly was in her nerdiest black rimmed glasses, and she was in a new outfit that she'd found at Good Will. The yellow sweater really made the muted green dress pop. She looked like spring.

"You're my best friend...and..and.." Tess turned around to see someone waiting at the counter to be waited on at the circ desk. Yes, it was the wrong time to bring it up. Still Tess wished Molly felt she was her best friend. She thought she was Molly's best friend because Molly told her practically everything. Even more than she ever wanted to know about Sal.

"You are my very best friend, you know." Tess really couldn't think of anyone else she talked to. Tess went back to the conversation once the patron left. Of course, she wasn't dressed quite as perky Molly. Tess wore her run of the meal black pants, black sweater and black ballet flats. Maybe she need Molly to dress her on one of these thrifting adventures.

There was Puck who was her best friend too. Did she talk to him more than Molly?

"But..but you're so secretive." Molly said from her desk as she went to look on the computer screen as if she were doing something important on the computer, when actually it was to see when the last matinee was. Tess and Puck said they'd babysit this evening. "I dunno whats going on in your head. You never even told me..what was going on between you and Dax. And..and he was treating me horrible, here at work."

"Precisely." Tess eyeballed her as she hugged herself. Didn't she see why she never brought him up? It was like she was sleeping with the enemy back then.

"What did you ever see in him?" Molly eyeballed her right back.

Tess swelled with emotion as if she could hardly hear Molly's question. She saw a little boy standing in front of the children's new books. Tess instantly went to help him choose the right book. Really, did they have to discuss this, the Dax problem. Well, they weren't ever going to talk about Dax at home.

"Look...I dunno what I saw in him." Really, it was that simple. Tess said once she got back from her escape with the seven year old, who was nerdy and sweet with his Harry Potter glasses. Why hadn't she ever been smitten by that kind of guy growing up? Tess was mad at herself. Perhaps her own worst enemy.

"Tess, I think you've changed." Molly said it like a breath of fresh air. "I'm sorry ..I..I even brought up, you know, who." Molly smiled as if she were back to being the best friend in the world. "I believe you and Puck can make it work. You've grown up a lot, this past year. And together, you two are gonna be great together."

Tess wanted to believe her. She really did, but what if..what if somebody like Dax showed up and came into her life, again?


ivy's closet said...

This was interesting..their interaction with each other. I hope Tess believes in herself. She can't start doubting now.

Sara said...

They are best friends, I am glad they can talk.

Cafe Fashionista said...

At least they have each other. :)

meg said...

I hope they can be there for each other.