Sunday, February 5, 2012

until this moment

Molly knew who they were, immediately, when they stepped into the library. Funny, she'd never noticed how perfect Michelle looked until today. Maybe, it was because she was happy.

Molly knew all about her. Well, Sal's version. And yes, they'd met once long ago. When they were younger at a party. And she remembered how rude Michelle was to Sal. Molly supposed it was her fault. As it was, Michelle tossed her drink on Sal.

"See what I have to put up with? With her." He said then. Of course, it was Michelle who started it, no less. Naturally, Sal thought what a waste of rum and coke. It was on his face and his shirt. Molly was on Sal's side. They were friends. And he was so funny. It was hard to think straight around him. Sometimes, it was now, too.

Molly hugged herself and slank behind the blinds of the circulation office. But she watched from afar. They were helping the little girl look for books. The more she watched Michelle's smile, the more sullen Molly became. It was uncomfortable, perhaps. Molly couldn't be nice. The power was not there.

"I think I need a break." She told Tess as she made her way to the breakroom, pouring some morning coffee in the middle of the afternoon. She made a face as she smelled it. She was sure it was harmless, but it looked like a danger concoction. Molly went to find milk in the fridge. As she was pouring the milk into the coffee, it suddenly occurred to her that Michelle might want to see Dez. She almost lost her cup in the sink.

She didn't like this feeling, coming over her. Molly set down and stared at her coffee. A sadness over took her. She loved the baby. It was true. As much as she kept telling herself she couldn't be attached to Dez, Molly just couldn't. Because he wasn't really hers.

She'd felt this sadness the moment he arrived. He wasn't hers. It pained her so. Such a miserable feeling it was. Molly let herself breath, or so she tried. She put the coffee in the sink. This needed to be done before it was too late.

Molly hurried to the children's area. She didn't see Michelle, anywhere. Her husband was with the girl who was reading aloud to him a chapter book. She looked toward the fiction, the DVDs and the music. Michelle wasn't there, either. So, she went to the Women's restroom.

Just as she arrived, she heard someone coming out of the stall. Their eyes met, but Michelle said nothing. She washed her hands.

"I..I was just wondering. If..if you .." Molly hugged herself. "Since you're married now, are you going to try know..want the baby back?" Molly felt her nose slightly water. She wanted to keep calm.

"I never really thought about it," Michelle said. "Do you want me to?"

"No." Molly shook her head. "I mean, must."

"Are you going to adopt him?" Her words made Molly think of the possibility.

"Yes, I think I..I want to." Molly found herself, full of laughter.

"Then, I think you should." Michelle made a quick smile and nodded. She left Molly in the restroom alone.

Molly's eyes welled up with salty tears. She had herself a very good cry, but she felt better about a lot of things now.


PAPS said...

Lovely story going there. Follow each other?

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Molly has realized who's important to her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Crying always puts things into perspective it seems. :)

Syed said...

That's a nice ending. And I definitely think people look better when they are happy, it really shows.

Sara said...

Wow, that was intense! I am glad that everything is in the clear now.

Mitha Komala said...

nice writing, interesting story dear ! I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

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