Sunday, December 4, 2022

And it's so hard to change


Instantly, J knew he was coming down with something after the Thanksgiving party. It was the last thing he needed, dealing with Stevie's dad. Even then he knew something was wrong.

He told Stevie to stay put, he and Tobes would take care of this.  Of course, Stevie gave him a wide-eyed look as if those two might get rid of his dad all sluggish and quiet out of it after his hour nap.

"I think he needs to go to the emergency room," J didn't mean to look perturbed, but how could Stevie think the worst?

"What?" Stevie looked shocked. 

"I think he's sick. Besides, we don't need him here," he said it was best to be safer than sorry. Stevie gave him a nod and Tobes helped him along to get the man to J's car. Thankfully, Tobes went with him.

They were in silence, listening to him bellow ever so often. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but J thought it might be more than that. 

As soon as they brought him, he stirred about as if he'd have none of it. But when the doctor looked at his eyes, he asked them both if he'd fallen.

"Not that we know of," J shrugged. He'd been an unwanted guest. "He ate Thanksgiving dinner with us and then went to sleep on the couch. Really, we didn't want him there." J didn't know how much he could explain. 

They would need an MRI for starters so J called Stevie in. He might be needed after all. Surely, someone would know his past illnesses at home.

"Sounds like he's never taken care of himself," he said to Tobes. He sighed then. No way would Stevie ever be like his father. Even if he wondered if he was having a few drinks about now. He looked at his watch.

Yes, it was going to be a long night. J felt he could fall asleep if he leaned against the wall long enough. Oh, he knew he needed to take better care of himself. How had this happened? Was Stevie's dad always like this. Just living life, evidently. But it was a delicate matter. J pressed his lips tight. Even if he was only in his twenties, he didn't want to end up like Stevie's dad. He didn't want Stevie to end up like him, either.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

You can throw a party full of everyone you know


Stevie felt bad that his mom was going to so much trouble for Thanksgiving. He did his best to take over when she would let him. Of course, J did whatever he wanted. He washed dishes along the way to keep the cleanup from getting out of hand.

Of course, the guests arrived right on time. There was Carrie and the Tobes (aka Liam) with a ton of sweets. That's when Carrie told him she didn't have time to make sweet potato pie for Holly.

"Don't worry about it," Stevie told her. At this rate, the pumpkin pie would probably fool her if they just told her it was sweet potato instead...because when she got there her eyes were only on this new fellow of hers she kept calling Geo.

Stevie did his best to go with it. He did look a little lost. Of course, he pulled her aside and told her not to exhaust him before the night was over. Naturally, she looked at him as if he didn't know what he was talking about.

She paraded around with her wine. Geo said he didn't drink. Stevie looked at J and shook his head. Maybe this was best, but he was certain Geo was about to see her true colors.

She did her best to get giddy with Carrie but she would have none of it. She wasn't drinking either. Stevie made a face of disgust. Why did she have to be the worst guest of all?

Finally, his mom's friend showed up. He brought a platter of fruit. Just what they needed. They sat down and started to eat. It was nice to have everyone at his house. Of course, it felt like it was his and J's house. Really, he was thankful they were all here. In spite of so many uncertainties in the world, he felt safe here.

But of course, he thought too soon. His father showed up. Demanding where was his Thanksgiving dinner. He'd been drinking and looked to be in a pout with a powerful sort. They all moved out of the way and he sat down as if he still owned the place.

His mother brought him a plate of food. They all watched him as if the food critic had arrived. He ate until the plate was clean. He wanted pie so Carrie brought him a plate of all the different pies from pumpkin to cherry cheesecake.

He ate as if he hadn't eaten in ages. Of course, he never said a word to anyone. He finished off the wine got up and went to the couch in the livingroom and went straight to sleep.

Stevie winced. His dad was such a bear. Farts and all. Everyone practically grimaced. Stevie bit a grin when the snoring was more of a purr.

"Well, thanks for coming," Stevie loaded down plates for everyone to take with them. He wanted everyone out of here before his dad woke up from his Thanksgiving slumber.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

The city all lights up and you're nowhere


Oh, Holly dreamed of turning heads. Not so much about what she was wearing and how her hair might turn out, but it was Geo to the rescue. Actually, his name was Georgie, but she only kept that name when she might want to talk sexy to him. Yes, she would tell everyone his name was Geo. It sounded much more international.

Holly was beginning to feel excited about the holiday. Yes, she had a new man she'd met on campus. Of course, he really had no sense of direction and he wasn't all that smart. But his face was that of a K-Pop boy band member only she couldn't remember the name of the band. He was actually from Detroit and his parents were no longer together so he was alone and well, she knew how to pick them. Sometimes.

But she didn't want to think how the newness might wear off. No, it was best to make this a playful parade in front of her friends. She always knew the best accessory, a beautiful beau.

She could see that intense look in Stevie's eye and in the next breath whispering, "Are you sure he's not gay?"

Holly sighed as if she could hardly wait for Thanksgiving. Of course, she had to call Carrie and tell her all about Geo.

"I think he's a drama major," she told Carrie while she was in the middle of making pies.

"A drama major?" Carrie asked what could he do, majoring in drama.

"I dunno make some dramas," Holly bit back as if Carrie was just a nobody. What would she know?

"Well, I hope he's good to you," Carrie said. Although, Holly knew she was actually saying I HOPE YOU'RE GOOD TO HIM. Holly fretted as if she wanted to scream something obscene, but she just twitched in anger instead.

" what are you and that Liam doing?" Holly was cross. She couldn't help it.

"Oh, we made some rolls. Now we are busy with some pies. He's making a pecan pie." She sounded as if they were busy with their other job. There was no time for romance. Evidently.

"Good," Holly felt like being a pain in the butt. "Make me a sweet potato pie."

"Oh, but we made pumpkin," Carrie told her. "We're short on time. Maybe for Christmas."

"For Christmas!" Holly was not pleased. What was Carrie really doing with Liam? Oh, she could see them making out in the kitchen, feeding each other popcorn maybe bedding down on the couch. She cringed at the thought. Of course, she could be doing those things with Geo, but it would just be too much work.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Let's be happy


Of course, Stevie was on J's side. He didn't know why Holly could be so aggravating.

"Why am I even friends with her?" He'd said days later while folding the laundry and thinking he didn't want to invite her to Thanksgiving.

"I don't know either," J mentioned he didn't know why he was friends with Liam/Tobey either. "It wasn't like he was the worst roommate, but still." He shook his head as if it was probably too late to turn him in.

"That would be the right thing to do, wouldn't it?"

"Probably," Stevie shrugged. Never would he think anything else would be going on with those two. He shook the thought of Holly's doubt. "It's just, you know, if he's in jail, what about Carrie's brother."

J nodded as if he didn't know what to make of it.

"You do think your old roommate is telling the truth?" As soon as Stevie said it, the doubt remained. He wince sadly wondering if Carrie was really OK. He went ahead and put things away. As it was, he and J were in his parents' room. His dad had moved out and his mom took the basement. It seemed she had a place to redecorate and Stevie and J had their own bathroom.

"Thanksgiving is coming," Stevie decided it was best to move on and maybe it was best to keep L closer to them since he was amongst their friends now. Sure, he was glad Carrie was back in her own room and at least someone to drive her to work. It wasn't like they were a couple. "Mom always makes Thanksgiving dinner."

"But do you know how expensive everything is this year?" J looked at him as if he would be fine with Ramen.

"She'll do it in her sleep," he said he would help. He was on the phone before he knew it was Holly about Thanksgiving dinner.

"Can I invite someone?" She said right away. 

"Sure." Stevie knew his mom would like that. She needed something to keep her busy. "Who is it?" 

"Oh just a guy," she said mysteriously.

"It's not some random guy is it?" Stevie didn't know where this was going. He told her he was inviting Liam and Carrie too.

"Fine!" she practically yelped. "I don't care."

Stevie sighed. Oh, Holly was just a trainwreck waiting to happen. Hopefully, she'd be on her best behavior, but he doubted it.

"Now if I can just get my mom's friend to join us." After all, Stevie did like coupling even if it was just to have an even number of guests.

"Your Mom has a friend?" J asked as he was brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed.

"Well, yeah." Stevie looked at him blankly. "How do you think she moved into the basement?"

"Oh," J looked at him as if he wasn't aware of such things. 

"Purely platonic, of course," Stevie nodded. "Something my father would never know the definition of."

J almost choked on the toothpaste. Stevie got him some water. Yes, it was bedtime and Stevie didn't know why J even had on his pajamas. He sighed then, thinking maybe he was more like his father than he knew.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

'Cause you are more than just a dream


Holly made a face of anguish when she looked outside. Carrie was nowhere.

"What the hell!" She snapped but then thought maybe she overreacted. Liam was her co-worker.

Still, J had a fight with him. That was not good. She plopped herself on the couch and thought about the night. But now Carrie was gone. Had she gone off to the shop or even the 7-11 with this Liam? Were they that good of friends?

Sure, they worked together. He was nice enough, but..oh, J hit him. What in the world was that all about? It was if they had been enemies and now they weren't exactly....friends, either.

Oh, who was she going to call? This was so frustrating, she thought. She sighed trying not to worry, but she had to. Somebody had her Carrie. Carrie was supposed to be here waiting on her.

Well, she didn't consider Carrie a maid. Although, she treated her like one, most of the time. She looked down at her phone, thinking she needed to text Stevie about this, but she just couldn't text fast enough. Maybe she'd just leave him a voiced text. Yes, that might be the way to do it. Her fake nails didn't let her get this done like she thought she could. It left her in a huff and now she felt miserable. She couldn't even think what to say to Stevie.

"Carrie is missing." She started, but she backtracked the text until the message was empty. That wasn't exactly true, but it could be. What if?

Holly shook her head no as a chill ran down her spine. Oh, it's getting cold in here, she thought, imagining Carrie carried off in an ice box. She cringed. "God, how scary," she said under her breath.

When the phone rang she almost dropped it on the floor. It was Carrie.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" She bellowed but really it was a cry deep in her chest.

"In my room," Carrie said.

"Room?" Holly jerked herself up.

"Yeah, Liam took me home."

"Why?" This couldn't be happening. Although, Holly didn't really need her for anything, but she hadn't been alone in forever. Well, it felt that way.

"He lives here," Carrie said. "I can stay here with him. I can be in my own room." She sounded so cheerful.


"It's all OK. I'm fine," Carrie told her. But for the first time in a long time, Holly had to be honest. She was not fine with Carrie going home.